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Vallyn a posted Jun 22, 15


As of today, INWF's leadership is officially on hiatus. The guild is still in existence, but there will be no planned events or back-end efforts of any kind until further notice. All members are welcome to stay in INWF if they choose, but those looking for an active guild are encouraged to look elsewhere. There are some really awesome guilds out there, and for the most part we've been told anyone in INWF looking for a new, active home is welcome. 

While it's sad to see the end of an era, it's also the beginning of a new one. In a way, we are returning to where INWF started, way back in 2011: simply a group of friends who play SWTOR together. 

Thank you to everyone for the memories and the friendship. These have been some of the most wonderful and fun years of my life, thanks to the amazing people in INWF, DMF, and beyond. It's been an honor to be your GM and your friend. 

See you 'round the Northwest. :)


VallynHello to anyone who happens to see this! <3 Miss you crazies, wherever you are these days.
VallynHappy Life Day, everyone! <3
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Rixbo   Happy Life Day!
GwenllianI made a chat channel for people! It's called Ex-Inwf and you can join by typing /cjoin exINWF. See you there peoples!
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Vallyn   Thank you for setting that up, Gwen. :)
O'blivionGuild Ship is gone?
vadess40   No the guild ship is still there. Don't worry
O'blivion   It was gone for a few days, it is back now.
vadess40Wow... Weird to see this site as a free version. :/
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TyTyBest wishes to those toughing it out. Take care.
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vadess40UPDATE ON Prog Teams: Moved to Dendarii Forums for news and updates.
TiffaniaA general dps guide is just posted. Check it out whether you are experienced or new who really want to increase your dps. Questions and Discussions are welcome as always.
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